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A Rotten Vagina is an individual of a certain advanced age that has seen all there is to see on this green wide Earth (or at least pretends it has). These particular brand of individuals move with the impunity of old age and the freshness of youth.

    Fuck AOS. Making me start theorizing again. It’s either a Kree or a Skrull, there are no doubts about it. Let’s list the pros for each race:

    Kree - Lunatic Legion

    • Galen Kor of Hala (G.H.?) 
    • Blue Skin
    • Set to feature heavily in Guardians of the Galaxy movie
    • Cyborg Krees
    • Not necessarily flashy powers (i.e, not  big on the special effects)
    • Avengers Foes
    • Kree/Human Hybrid Ms Marvel set to appear in Avengers 2


    • G.H. Could be just the name the Skrull was using (George Hamilton or whatever, just a red herring)
    • Shapeshifting = Cellular regeneration
    • Nick Fury is set to “die” in Cap 2 (as spoiled by trailers) with the motto “don’t trust anyone”
    • Shapeshifting = any actor could be a skrull without need for much makeup/effects 
    • Marvel Universe foes

    So. It’s one of the two. Definitely. But which one? Is Marvel Cinematic Universe heading to Secret Invasion? Or to Kree/Skrull War? Or both? Together. At the same time. With Thanos in the middle. And the Infinity Gems. And the undeniable Civil War that will come too. Argh! Curse you Marvel! I want more!!

    Also Lorelei was awesome, can’t wait for next week and Sif ♥

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